Peace (2008)

by Jasper Brown

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Recorded 2007-2008 by Carl Rushing at Gemstar Pro Studios


released September 2, 2013

Produced by Carl Rushing & Jasper Brown
*Produced by Brandon Hall
**Produced by Centric for FreeAtLast Music



all rights reserved


Jasper Brown Maryland

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Track Name: Get It
Verse 1
Sounds of blackness abound in atmosphere
Round the atlas from Isle of Pathmos
Where, I stack plastic crates that handle proper
More hot wax than candelabras for sample operas
Plus numerous pads that play uterus
To scripts vivid as Great Muta’s spit, scrutinously
Drafted tags and murals I spray live, page dries
the pics pretty as my brother Dre’s eyes
Or a circa 89 Stoney Jackson throw atop
A track time, time for reaction
Slicker than Dax gel since 90 minute Maxell’s
Intricate rap weld when winning cast spells
With slow flow mojo show no mercy
Honed in the Cobra Kai dojo thirsty
No joke angling, throat strangling mics
Preparing to swipe the carrot from the rope dangling

I gotta get it, I got, got to get it
I gotta get it, I got, got to get it
I gotta get it, I got, got to get it
One life to live I got, got to live it x 2

Verse 2
Raw as I ever been, bars are the evidence
Scarred ‘cause I represent hard out of preference
Far from the requisite stars and the decadence
Found down in GemStar, Carl on the tech assist
Crafting rations for masses asking for
Raps with passion over tracks that’s smashing
And Internet hooligans, overnight going from
Who is him to you again booing under pseudonyms
The known lesser under self imposed pressure to be
Fresher than your pole measure for a poem sketcher
Arm of Lincoln Hawk when he turn the cap back
Lock hands with crowd pin ‘em down, snap back
Given the signal I toss caution at the wind
Hit the finish tape draped ‘round the abdomen
‘Cause it’s no tip toeing with the flowing I go’s in
With nose in knowing that I’m gon’ win


Verse 3
Not the cat to get his road paved easy street
Then brush with homemade pomade greasy speak
Floss hard with gaud jewelry that’s pawned usually
After robbed in a squad mutiny for tomfoolery
Naw, just wanna chill, have fun like Large Pro
For my people cop when I drop the cargo
So I can have grands stacked taller than Shaq stands
Have fam planted ‘pon acres of flatland
'cause wild cats eating while we just nibble
I had to sell the last of the peanut brittle
To press the disk up, I met some hiccups
But was much too driven to let them disrupt
Listen, since Nice threw me in the booth every page
Every set’s been to get me to this very stage
So on all spectators I’m putting my foot down
With the hook it’s a jux give up the goods now

Track Name: Feel Me
Verse 1
Yeah, your man’s come to demand some tantrums
Throw your hands up for the anthem
No idle sitting with a sense of entitlement it’s
Time to be living no regrets or denial and kid
I’m like, right on the cusp of just where I outta be
Musk of the crust was calling me
Out from confusion and disillusion
It had me so drooling to get to a tooth in so
I jumped to it, and just used this
Fire in my gut to bust to uproot kicks
Just doing the thing you love will bring you up
Giving you the wings to rush
Through the skies and beyond and be gone with the breeze
where it's calm and at ease where I’m wanting to be
And I palm it and squeeze when I reach for pens
Cloud kiss when I spit or when beats come in it’s why….

You gotta feel me, yeah
Life passes while waiting stagnant
Ignite your passion and make it happen
You gotta feel me, yeah
You gotta feel me, yeah

Verse 2
Life spoken on mics open
Tight roping with knives poking my lower back
There is no going back no stepping in halves
And I'm a, get it to crack with my methods in tact
Blessed is that, individual willing to give talent
And it’s residuals to something bigger than him
As the World turns more me centric
More receptive to war, deception, keep pressing
Through the jabs those blows ain’t hurting jack
Poised to rejoice so certain that’s
Why on my grind I stay with a blind eye faith
‘Cause the prize I chase is mine I say and
No words could cover it, cloud nine hovering
No doubts, wondering, trust, I’m gonna win
Brave rain, hail, snow, sleet, thunder, wind
Punishing, running ‘til I see the sun again


Verse 3
A smile that’ll turn glaciers to vapor
Flash it and laugh so to taper the anger
Fear and frustration hear enough hatred
It’s hard not to figure that our cheering up’s wasted
May start embracing steel brace and anklets
But, that ain’t way kid, today is what you make it
With nothing to lose and solace to gain when you’re
Stuck and confused with lot of complaints you just
Gotta move through it, I hear you kid
It is easier to speak than to do when
Sick of bearing crosses reeling from losses
Accosted at every turn feeling exhausted
But you gotta push on with more vigor
Being a forfeiter will leave you more bitter
War withers away the restraints so embrace it
figure what you’re destined to change then engage it, ok kid

Track Name: Will
Verse 1
Peculiar dude of radical thought and action
Bruised to groom fanatical walk a path which
Verifies claims of a better way ain’t smoke
It’s why he can’t flow just to entertain folk
Graffiti Bridge Kid rhyming to a handful
Writing for the damsels tired of getting trampled
The thieves, the fiends, the wannabe coke lords
Hunting for something to believe in and hope for
A God fearer in the mood for drawls
Soul bearing in the nude for all with apologies
Mixing theology with spit from the heart and he
Confesses to stress perfect we ain’t gotta be
(‘cause) all are under construction,
What’s to covering up when in end utter destruction
Of flesh only happens when clock stops ticking
Still when his body rot ain’t trying to rot with it so he’s

Just trying to do Lord’s will for real
Never mind what he might think or feel
Unsure if he’ll ever be sure still
If/when God says go he sure will x 2

Verse 2
A born loner introverted and soft spoken
Least promising prospect to draw folks in
With that given he’s quick to ask is it
In his best interest just to pack it in
He swore for Master’s sake he would have to take
A lasting gaze at rapping then back away
Still hasn’t settled that completely
So he’s inclined to want to peddle raps discreetly
But, gone from oddity to hot commodity
From not to probably to gotta be God it seems
Nudged doors open thus more focused
Mama n’em saying it’s because son’s chosen but
He feels only spitting stories for God’s glory
Will eventually get corny or boring
Though ambivalent all he wants dearest
Is to be a ventriloquist doll for God’s spirit so he’s


Verse 3
He still steps to, work in his dress suit
Stressed ‘cause he’s yet to stencil his next move
He's hoping to press through leaving no debts due
In the next few own a crib with a fresh view
Couple guest rooms, brother’s easily pleased
Isn’t seeking something others gotta see to believe
But, you see what is key to him having a chance
Is his mapping a plan and he hasn’t or can’t
He’s Impassioned but lacking, focus was hoping,
Skies would divide exposing a notice
But no still elusive so, choosing to do him
Becomes tempting, then he runs venting
To own head begging it to think up schemes
Where he can earn from out the crib and just live unseen
Little comes of it but a few laughs but through that
The dude has clarity to view where shoes at then
Reminded every time scene seems bleak
By and by in the sky light beams he sees
So figures that when his withering ends ain’t meeting
The figures will bend provision will lend safe keeping
And that’s, the faith needed for one starving to know
Where to go to be shown in which garden to sow
Which is on every convert, and it’s hard work
But he’s taught that his life isn’t his any longer so he's

Track Name: Soon
Verse 1
Alarming rate us ache heart in a brace wanting
Escape but walking in place on our mistakes
Passing bills our gaps we fill with flashing thrills
Relapsing still the clash of wills reveals that
We now believe the meek will be hunted becoming
A quick feast in the beast’s stomach
So we rebelliously revel in the seven sins
Content to never get to heaven when our present ends
Feeling like we got a raw deal we put up our shields
The minute we are given the God spiel
From pastors who’d much rather captivate
Or gain stature than have people maturate
Or from sanctified sinners who pretend they know answers
Air others linen but won’t open own hampers
So we’ll hold for what ain’t worth the wait
For worse avoiding a choice that hurts to make but

Step forward He’ll meet you half way
Still struggling He’ll greet you that way
Just quit grappling and ask Him to fashion you
That’s all you have to do so make it happen soon x 2

Verse 2
Grandiose Negroes we throw bashes printing
Cheap door passes to seem more lavish we
Yell for attention and not much else
Long as we’re held in protection with modest wealth
Yet, insecure love to see others do worse than
Keep pins accessible for balloon bursting
Slinging our mud, telling other don’t judge us
While slugging or running from the ones who most love us
We, live by astrology, die by the policy of
Get it by any means dividing our colonies
Nonchalantly ‘til the loss of a loved one
Home or job explains where it all comes from
What if He treated us like we do each other
If we could seat in His seat what would we discover
About ourselves, and how far we are from Him
We'd probably hop out of it hard and start running


Verse 3
Pray hard for women still treating the same scar
Caged behind bars they created to safeguard
From dudes playing game by the art of war
Revolving doors ignoring their heart's are sore plus listen
I stay running and bumping into old friends
Who seemed lack the glow that they had owned then
Swearing their lives are golden, while their eyes
Moan of a soul that would not mind atonement
Silver or gold I have none
But I'll extend both arms praying you’ll grab one
Then quickly pour the pills down the drain untie that rope
Laid down the pistol or the blade, come try that hope
Listen no one is gonna make you break loose
It’s on you to escape and make moves
You want out troop don’t talk do it
A door's but a wall if you don’t walk through it

Track Name: Clap
Verse 1
What it is, Son it is your most
Host honorable host no ropes or flooded wrists
Yet his ship’s on the verge of docking a herd
Of oxen couldn’t swerve of block it, rock with
The surer soul stirrer with heart of gold purer
Who don’t withhold furor the microphone lurer
Who approach the stage at a hunters pace fresh pair of
Butter suedes steal the show no clock, rubber face
Provide loaves and wine for fiends hunger aches
No cup or plate served straight over drummers’ breaks
Never afraid real ready for the world
Letting go sweating fro ‘til heavy is the curl so
Disc, vinyl, cassette or live in the flesh you’re
Liable to get from your trial a rest
Put in spiral your impulse primal to step
It’s the revival so dial a rival or friend and you can

Clap your hands, your hands you clap
If you came here to party here’s your chance for that
So ‘head and get it in, (go ‘head) get it in
(go ‘head) Get it in, (go ‘head) get it in x 2

Verse 2
Melancholy’s the kid, yelling party, admit
That I’m probably more likely to sit
In a corner no dunce cap, trying to bring grunge back
Hunchback Notre Dame Novocain sponge that’s
Prone to clone thinkers pose stoic and trance like
Where, unknowingly through any could glance right
But, the right rhythm find me shake the stance tight
Doing the two-step I call the safety dance quite
Enchanting, every spectator’s a made fan
Referrals come bearing complimentary ray bans
And, today my aim’s to play in the sunshine
Free from toil so the coils can unwind
Feeling better than a cover shade on a summer day
Ain’t nobody gonna break a brother’s sway
Up in the groove unbuttoned and loose
La schmoove, JB ain’t got nothin’ to prove


Verse 3
Make your way in stop acting all pavement
This ain’t a racquetball haven
Playing the wall is not open for argument
Plus life is much better lived off of it
Listen tomorrow’s not etched in stone, you trying to
Rest your bones? Man you could’ve left yourself at home
Come on, you can do whatever’s instinctive, just keep it
In sync with what’s proper do not get delinquent just

Track Name: P.O.M.
Verse 1
Myrna Summer singing of a day uncloudy
Grounds me when I can’t escape what hounds me
Brow beats so I can’t sleep soundly
Feeling walls crowd me I wanna scream loudly
Plenty plainly claimed that He would change me
My will gave free yet I’m still the same me
Torn mind not as giddy ‘bout the Lord’s side
Shotgun seated being driven through a storm’s eye
My many cracks concealed with chronic laughter
Have people gassed they feel I got it mastered
But on the real man I kneel at night and
Appeal for might just so I can deal with life
Look, fixed is my fight so I dig my spikes
I’m on the battlefield, won’t strip my stripes
But everyday feeling more like, yo whatever
Loose are the threads keeping my mind sewn together and yo

Would give anything just to lie with
Peace of mind when I shut my eyelids
Seek divine revelation I did
But still it seems to escape from my grips x 2

Verse 2
I'm realizing that life really isn’t
As short as we say, just a cliché we be spittin’ to
Give ourselves license to act the trifest
Snatch, grab from fightless; backstab and knife twist
Folk I was cool with proved I never knew them
But due to them can now better choose friends
It’s why my circle looks more like a period
Serious, leeriness shields me from curious
Jaw jackers, fraud actors, heart snappers
Dart past ya wouldn’t give a thought after
Slick, get wits with vampire traits
Who will bleed you then leave you in dire straits
I try to take solace in the fact that one’s acts
Will ultimately cause something equal to come back
Consider iggin’ folks callousness try to muster
But gut won’t let it feeling more like a sucker, yo


Verse 3
Long for when I played with, wrestling figures and
Robots that could shape shift away in the basement
Glued to the tube my brother sitting adjacent
Ball in the street, drawing on sheets everyday spent
When life seemed to be oh so basic
Wasn’t timing when folks who show both faces
Writing with hopes to blow showcases
While trying to float on low gross wages
Sore backed yet I'm burdened with more hats
I'm trying to find the line between servant and doormat
And a way to say no guilt free
Which is contrary to the way that God built me
That’s why I don’t mourn the dead I envy ‘em
We gotta endure hell just to get freedom
Thus to die is gain no more will I writhe in pain
Or sigh in vain the prize is claimed, but 'til then

Track Name: What I Do
Verse 1
Autobiographer with stenographer quick jot fist
But horrible script that’s hard on his optics
Light four matches for ten wicks
Bleed Bics dry short task for forensics
Litter page and the worst rain changes
To ticker tape arrays a work painstaking
Hoard over boards so to hammer in the nails right,
Can’t afford a banana in the tail pipe
Grip mics in a Heimlich, spit to a
Drum kick seismic crump kids rise with
Then settle in to some old soul Cheryl Lynn
Oh so delicate, stone cold gentleman
Under compulsion of beat I impulsively
Cull gems then fumble for my peoples indulgence see
Daily needle drop mining for a fresh canvas
Scour ‘til the hourglass top’s left sandless 'cause

This is what I do, out of love I brew
Get a loop hit the booth from the gut I spew
Spitting up my blues giving up my shoes
And eyes to put you at the point of my view

Verse 2
Generational gap is daily widening
Common thread when parting bread we’re rarely finding it
And Hip Hop’s a highly polarizing item which, seems to be
The cause of every problem that we’re trying to fix
At least to those who listen with no clue
And try to scapegoat it ‘cause their jobs they won’t do
Pretend sex, drugs, violence is so new
Forgeting their folks blamed the music they owned to
I know it's bridled with hate and self-glory
But this is still a viable way to tell stories
Plus rap pays and I’d rather see a brother
Eat off a catch phrase than walk, the path laid t’wards
Self-destruction, so let’s discuss some
Solutions ‘cause sermons I’ve heard enough of
Rather than punishment provide some encouragement
Spirit, mind nourishment something we can flourish with 'cause


Verse 3
Zone with the flow Barry Sanders, go where he
Scampers, stroll through his soul where he campers
Cold Marylander, don’t carry lantern
Only rep fam and savior Mary pampered
Scroll in graffiti and flow with the deviants
Keep a fro medium but no bohemian
Though I stay getting my head wrapped up
By folks telling me get back up, they say
Word on the Street’s that with effort they’ll get it and smother savagely
With covers of Jettin’ and Sensitive Brother Magazine
Yet God bars get me treated like I got Sars
But I’d rather be rock scarred than be a rock star
Soul of an old man years steady catching up
Rapper still at it just here ‘til I've had enough
Or skill dwindles, make it real simple
But I’m still nimble, the fire still kindled thus

Track Name: Give In*
Verse 1
Owner of a lonely, ticker with a slow beat
Cold feet shiver still bickering with old beefs
In my battles at times I might babble
Mind scrabbles to find right words but eyes tattle it
Seems whenever I think I’m in a good spot
Start longing for things I wish that I would not
Be so earthly some days it hurts me
Swiping Nike bottoms on God’s grace and mercy
He has mysterious ways about Him
Feel like I hit curious phase without Him
So distant, waiting on my call but I’m
Thinking I missed tangled up in my mischief
Gotta get flame back ain’t the same cat
Who promptly would drop to his face at day crack
And praise God for breath, health, wealth and shelter
Time when my mind was less helter skelter

Can’t give in, can’t live in
Sin again can win with Him who lives within
Devil's tempting me, won’t let me be
But wont let him get the best of me

Verse 2
Heart guarded God’ll say who gets it
It’s much too fragile to play roulette with
Gamble I can’t afford so work on my rapport
With the Lord to ensure we are on one accord
Yet I’m, looking for love in all the wrong places
Shapes and sizes, waists and thighs inspired
By a bubbling lust fueled by struggles with smut
That still try to put stumble in strut
Now I canceled plans to find what love wasn’t,
A brand new man have I become from it
But still, the larger the charge the harder the fight
So wonder would I stand tall facing Potipher’s wife
'cause the flesh is a problem can, cite Sampson,
David, Solomon, honorable men who fell following
After lust and had to suffer justly
So when gut says flee in a rush I must be


Verse 3
Made to reign over many things, knowing I don’t
Deserve anything thank God for everything
Happily took me on when I was
So gone, as if I had done no wrong
And if not for His grace I’d be rotting away
Still locked in a maze or boxed in a grave
Or rocking a straight jacket, ain’t laughing
So me back in chains gasping ain’t happening
Stand brawling with will that got Apollo killed
Can’t be crawling over hill holding bottle still
Spirit babe living under child labor laws
God reaching for me steady getting alligator arms
Soul corroding in a hole that’s no win
Hoping I could grow fins drowning in my old sins
My hands dripping with crimson, questioning if
I have been given dominion, forget it listen

Track Name: Peace**
Verse 1
We're in a day where Christians are groupies, killers
Don kufis, Catholics practice feeling on juvies
Cats stick plastic spinners on hoopties
Grasping at this spinner gone kooky
From passionate screams to smashing of dreams and
The pipes they emitted from, admit it, we’ve given up
Cry freedom but ain't trying to be about
Hoping for a Moses who'll risk dying to lead us out
Lacking a compass, traction to run with
Passions are fast chicks, cash in abundance
But when we earn every want and reward
We soon find flame stops burning hot as before
Try best to rekindle ‘til that odyssey bores
Suddenly we start thinking that there’s gotta be more
When we hear a loud knock at the door
Ready to move we lose the excuses, drop to the floor and...

Say Lord please deliver me, tired of the
Sinner me, dying to live in peace (peace)

Verse 2
Love, joy, peace, long suffering,
Gentleness, faith, meekness, temperance
And goodness, fruits we would get
If only we took steps according to good text
But, rather than Christ we just wanna accept church
Place to find a mate maybe sing and to network
We, struggle a lot and ‘cause humble is not
How most folks see us we become stumbling blocks
Uttering lots of scripture that we don’t trust
It’s like we don’t get the picture that He rose up
How sin He overcame it for, sake of our race which
Inherited it back in the garden when snake tricked
Eve and Adam to eat fruit from that of
Which God forbade, we still fall for same
Slick schemes then quickly, forget we is free
collect our fig leaves and neglect our big dreams must...


Verse 3
Son I'm on it for real this ain’t a masquerade
Or a plotted appeal for you to pass the plate
Trying to pass the faith in no mask or cape
A mere man in the hands of who has the way
Or who is the way, the truth, the life
Who is the same at noon at night and
Morning, yesterday, today, the next reforming
Any heart wanting to adore Him, my Lord is
So laudable incomparable
Going His route no audible is profitable
So when man doesn't believe in the God who conceived him
It ain't hard to reason predicament that he's in
So yo if nothing else keep this one truth
If nobody else does Jesus loves you
And waits arms open for permission to show you
And provide you a pardon from the prison that holds you just...

Track Name: Someday...
Verse 1
The last days we are living in
This cold Earth’s giving us what we’re giving it
Death, destruction corruption of innocent
So many questions while answers are limited
Move for unity amongst all human beings
Seems foolish with roots so polluted b
Murdered our movements and those who created them
Drugs flooded the hood some still haven’t made it up
I pass living dead craving for crack rock
On all fours pebble press praying for jackpot
Stretched out on a hard strip mid day garments
Piss stained, begging so to bargain with change
Folks over lodged in rodent marred apartments
Playing cards to forget they are starving
Fake laughing straight to check cashing
Asking God for the faith to get past it

Nobody knows but the Father, why we gotta go
Through the drama, try to stay strong but
Wonder how much can one take
I pray it will all make sense someday

Verse 2
Wolves in sheep wool cultivate hate
Relegate God to a warmonger
Suicidal bombers thought to martyrs, charmed by
Dishonorable father figures with livers full of power
Shrapnel showers the innocent, primitive methods
Of settling rifts never better the difference
Ending with only more death, more wounds
More poverty, more ornery goons living lawlessly
The, first sibling rivalry concluded with death
Thus, killing our brothers violently is rooted in flesh
A planet sick sad every man guns in his home
But our battle is not against blood, skin and bone
Our, enemies are spiritual entities
Enmity with what’s heavenly to nth degree
But, yet to see ways errors and we may never
‘Cause rather than love so many wanna make terror


Verse 3
What means everything to you this minute
Might not exist by the time your next blink’s finished
Peoples pass possessions disappear in a year
Past times revered lose their appeal kid it’s real
But World still spins don’t pause for any man
God don’t flinch sits calm with steady hands
So many find life isn’t as advertised
Then, given advice to do that which satisfies
Me, I say aspire to die free, deny them who
Try to define how your two eyes see
Find discrepancies in what you believe, don’t follow blindly
And any fool following me get from behind me
Because I’m still tying to find me, some
Sense of direction ‘cause my reason
For living honestly is just ‘cause I am
Make the best of it I can, clutching my hands