the purge. an original score

by Jasper Brown

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and now, our feature presentation...


released March 3, 2014

produced by carl rushing and jasper brown
*slip away produced by brandon hall

recorded by carl rushing at gemstar pro studios



all rights reserved


Jasper Brown Maryland

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Track Name: exchange
inconspicuous, riding K6’s packed
self medicating writing in prescription pads
chronicles of the nomad prodigal
no map logical, so rap topical
to soften the hard truths, while feeling my way
along route, in a bumper car on cruise
pursuing something new, something different
‘cause this here rhythm just ain’t hitting man listen…

verse 1
whims bizarro, hard pills to swallow
grave valleys today, harsh hills tomorrow
all thrills are hollow, long still to follow
behind highs beckoning beg, steal or borrow
detest reflection, flipping the bird at
my nerves bad, paranoid; listen ‘you heard that?’
stitches on my curtain popping, the shield
for my dirt is dropping, every earthling’s watching  
with discerning optics; yearning to blurt synopsis'
under hundred-forty characters approximate
guarded in my apartment stagnant
forced to sport a scarlet letterman jacket  
when exiting; subjected to banging gavels
and eye balls projecting some flaming arrows
all that drama and more that i no longer 
wish to harbor is fodder for my barter so  

lend an ear, I’ll offer my heart for it
every part pour, if you can afford storage
spill on the track as if, I gotta rap to live
which is accurate, all I’m asking is
lend an ear, I’ll offer my heart for it
every part pour, if you can afford storage
spill on the track as if, I gotta rap to live
which is accurate, but whatever, listen

verse 2
an addictive personality type
anesthetics numb flesh to reality bites
lip profess of loves that proved to be dependency 
Time gave perspective and truth of a tendency
to lose myself within the latest fashion
abuse myself when facing waning passion 
finding myself feigning interest; aiming for the sun
with intentions to plunge, a jaded Icarus
son of a preacher man and woman
folks tell me I’m running from the plan and shouldn't
with good intentions, so never defensive
when subjectd to their assessments and projections
that i'm, called to pastor or walk the pasture
as apostle Jasper the gospel rapper
shrug it off with laughter, but temper respectfully
yet unaffected by what has been said to me
'cause, i'm in a hell of self absorption
blowing woes well out of proportion
the rivalries inside of me, stomping my fires out entirely
pondering if fatherhood could possibly inspire me
'cause i tried doing the Lord’s way
gave it all up; sex, music, the porn tapes
genuinely gave best effort to maintain; years later 
and i'm still stuck in the same lane, a damn shame


lend an ear i'll offer my heart for it
every part pour if you can afford storage
spill on a track as if, i gotta rap to live
which is accurate, all i'm asking is
lend an ear i'll offer my heart for it
every part pour if you can afford storage
spill on a track as if, i gotta rap to live
which is accurate, and why i have to quit 
with this passiveness, 'cause my passion is
out of gas and it's, because i'm trapped in this
abyss that insists that, i have to spit
like i'm a masochist 
sick and tired of rhyming diary logs and pity songs slow
i swear i'm a be on some Jimmy Got Soul 
if i don't get out of this gauntlet
refuse to let this box turn to a coffin, i'm off this...
Track Name: focused
verse 1
ok, red sox all black fitted cap sitting
sideways on the mane of the lion
pride of the herd with the word play designing
sharp incisors shred scores i collide with
arrive with no flash or pageantry, all you have is me
platting rap and beat naturally, not that yaki weave
crash the feast without a pass or key
proceed to take it to the max like Zach and Screech
aye this is me Pacman, look at me in my
brash stance, got mad plans
to feel the globe in these black hands
but doing some soft shoe tap dance to grab fans yo fat chance
i'm bring truth to the light like a cat scan
hurling aluminum trash cans, broken glass everywhere
crash land falling hard like
Shaq's slam on Ahmad clap hands all applaud

arms folded, pose is frozen, just like
the flow is, i’m focused and it
ain’t hard to say so, all the way bold
off my lay low, and on my j-o-b
my j-o-b, my j-o-b
my j-o-b, my j-o-b
my j-o-b, my j-o-b
like I’m supposed to be, let’s get it

verse 2
out for my proper due, got a lot to prove
so i hop upon a groove, get it poppin' like i'm Shabba Doo
when in the booth, set the mood committing seppuku
chilling death, spilling intestines, pen the weapon used
it’s gruesome, this is what i do son
kick up dust terrible shoe scuffs, doin' too much
just me, no features or crew cuts
beats get bruised up, steadily 1-2 punched
One Man Gang of African royalness
talk Slick, my mouth rinse bottled at oil rigs
loyalist, considered unhip by what is trendy
take it Back to School sticking the Triple Lindy
stir emotions with no frill approaches, but know
this, when my boat shows I’m a be flowing in
hand sewn italian silk clothing, coats giving
Morris Day feels and the boots, smokin’


verse 3
rappity raps mixed with blackity black spit
Al McAfee bad hip, captioned in
bars of wrestling with God on spiritual matters
bigger fishes to batter than lyric deficient rappers
rhythm slave my soul covered with welts
my records make sense to no one but myself
well, maybe my brothers and a handful of others
but they sound butter that's word to the mother
with the Johnny Gill intro, step through the ropes
in chocolate Timbo's with Dr. Scholl's insoles
when final bell's rung title belt becomes
a diamond encrusted cummerbund, and i'm a stunt
with whole name engraved on the gold plate
Game Don't Wait so there ain't no way
i'm a stay here serving your Winky Dinky hoe cakes
got my own dreams to go chase, holla

arms folded, pose is frozen, just like
the flow is, i’m focused and it
ain’t hard to say so, all the way bold
off my lay low, and on my j-o-b
my j-o-b, my j-o-b
my j-o-b, my j-o-b
my j-o-b, my j-o-b
'til they know me, i'm on my j-o-b
my j-o-b, my j-o-b
my j-o-b, my j-o-b
my j-o-b, my j-o-b
like I’m supposed to be, let’s get it...
Track Name: live it up
verse 1
what's hap'ning, feeling fantastic,
still at this, picture an addict, it gets
drastic, scratching, dribbling just a tad bit
heart, lungs pump double time can't relax it ‘cause
have it i gotta, back in habit who wanna
intervene with the fiend get hand slapped with a swatter
everybody got a vice, i might have a couple
but rapping is that only high to never give me trouble
just cold sweat shivering, Sahara dry skin and mouth
nausea, insomnia, can’t live without
never in a drought, or having to reach far
needle drop tracks mesh looking is each arm
come out the jacket pull the sleeve off, clean off
lay upon the table find a cut of that lean raw
then long pull hit, ‘til I’m in a tug of war of wits
every day I thank the Lord for this, ‘cause listen

nothing’s a given while you’re living
got something giving you joy you better grip it
here today, gone today; change in a minute
better live it up, ‘cause the gittin’ is good ‘til it isn’t

verse 2
back when i thought Puff was the hip-hop anti-Christ
i was rhyming in private deprived of any life
flash to today, i’m still scribbling on the page
but bumping Dirty Money 'fore i jump upon stage
former Jansporter keep it real lobbyist
sported XXXL’s where two of me could probably fit
and used to clown the club dudes in smediums
while today true to fit gear's what you’ll see me in
comfortable old head in the cut, go nothing but
love for these youngins, tell 'em go 'head live it up!
while you’re still a pup and milk ain’t all spoiled
‘cause earth keeps turning it ain’t gon’ pause for you
so style that colorful tight gear, just don’t be surprised
if you clown it in five years, when you’re
20 something and already sounding old and crotchety
judging kids who swag even more obnoxiously, word


verse 3
friday evening got paid exceedingly
i'm in grave need of a change of scenery
worked another monotonous week for the end of it
won’t be spending it in the crib, instead the 
hermetic homebody will apparently be partying
whether he wanna or not, already got the 
bully calls from the brothers applying the peer pressure 
so shower the flesh and throw on some gear fresher
we making videos, pics looking model-esque
Dame Diddy flow, spin holding bottle necks
it's all in jest though, never taking liquor sips
Ace standing on the couch, Rick James niggerish
kick stains visible on white pleather couches
step ‘til I’m dripping sweat, light sweater dowsed with
seeking release from what chronically ills, i just
came to have a good time party and chill, for real

Track Name: wake up
yeah, i'm on the cusp of cream
trust and believe this is more than just a dream
#teamgrind, keep on
can't allow y'all to sleep on so
wake up (repeat)

verse 1
no time for small banter, gigging at chitlin' tour standards
gaining momentum and more and more fandom
wielding the mic like it's Thor's hammer
sore back combated with extract from shorn antlers  
with ripping it comes the ribbons and love, the women
and such but tunnel vision 'til my bidness is done
a mimic of none, unique as a print of my thumb
but just to keep it simple enough, they call me
JB like the Soul Brother #1
sucker for break beats where they gave the drummer some
flush your eardrums and deliver from the scum
with a style so clean albums come with rubber gloves
from Playtex, i'm coming up at a pace that's breakneck
so place your paycheck on a safe bet
to sum it up in a statement, i got Next 
and i don't mean Butta Luv in the tape deck, check

i'm on the cusp of cream, trust and believe,
this is more than just a dream
i got the touch y’all must agree
So for those still stuck asleep, it's time to
wake up (repeat)

verse 2
coming through the kid's fumbling jewels
this year the youth can skip their summer school
my spit a hundred proof, the flames airlift your
balloon and take you on a trip to the moon 
and don't plant a flag i just tag my handle
the vandal, spray permanent paint can fulls 
getting up something like Christ early Easter
guerilla promo no charge, Shirley Caesar
rap trapezist, my bars flyer
to even admire need to look skyward
tip toe high ropes of barbed wire
with flows i'm cold as hard Breyer’s
hardwired for loops on fire, 
dive in like circus taught tigers
even the tame raise their arms higher
gaze in amazement ‘til your eyes hurt, word


can't dine solely on critical shine
so pull the vault door open 'fore i kick it inside
on some Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock
Michael Dudikoff, Jean Claude through your rock box
then non stop your alarm clock 
and brew a stew of no dose in a crock pot
then serve you intravenously, secure your eyelids
open adhesively, repeatedly you'll hear (wake up)
this is more than amusement
i rule with, two solid steel hands ruthless
i'm on the roof and i’m Q with a loose grip
i got the juice kid, 'bout to take two sips
my bars ring, tugging your heart strings
it's like Al Green singing in an arm sling,  
not a darn thing standing between me 
and total supremacy, will glow inevitably, watch me

Track Name: ain't looking
verse 1
steadfast, standing behind protective glass
many prospective better halves he let 'em pass
freely, easy, knee deep in a sea of ice
feet frozen, might seem could if
you judge from his shoulder but, if ever close enough
to lay a hand understand from touch just
how warm his blood is, plus the heart it runs through
justifies why shielding it’s a must do
in his youth, he used to be mad clumsy
tumbling for chicks that marched to erratic drum beats
attempts to break falls would scuff sleeves
shredding his heart was hard to keep in one piece
taking faith leaps resulted scrapped knees
and wading in manure 'bout ye deep 
it's left him compelled to keep, his greatest wealth discreet
so saving all of his love for himself selfishly like

screw love, ain’t looking for no new love (x 4)

sorry kid don’t he believe in fairy tales, ‘cause while it’s 
been sold very well, story ends in a scary fail 
jail pales in comparison, all the harassment 
cash spent and embarrassment
when the marriage ends in a somber departure
perishing thoughts of a heart targeting archer
finds it laughable, change is natural
thinking love wont is a brain irrational
thus only after no string attachments, able to roam 
at own whims without a phone to track him 
no kids and the ticking to have them is absent
incentive to settle he's lacks it
so suited best for brevity, temporary companionship
'til the woman inevitably abandons him
quick pit stop soon a memory distant 'cause they
either lose interest or want commitment and he's like

screw love, ain't looking for no new love (x 7)
being some sucker's something that he don't approve of

verse 3
loved before but yet to be in it
and his style of living would suggest that he isn’t
stressed into a pretzel over it 
has more notable holes to fix and dough to get 
says success of the modern relationship hinges
mostly on having the temperament to give in
appease, endure and sacrifice, the prize hasn't
matched the price so he’s past the hype 
spared a few potential exes from an
i told you so, falling for that okey doke
of a good dude disposition, will throw a wrench
to influence suspicion, a saboteur who's
rewarded with the privilege of living sequestered
a cat lady equivalent swimming in records but
he’d rather that than longing for fools rapture
staring at walls on some LL Cool Jasper so


verse 4
baby take heed, you ain’t gotta say please
can walk right on by, keeping your same speed
'cause he's keeping his heart on safety 
no if ands or maybes
can call him crazy, afraid or lazy
a shame or gay whatever helps you stay sleep
'cause y'all may need to believe we're completed by
a main squeeze, but that ain't he, resolved to stay free he’s like

screw love, ain’t looking for no new love (x 7)
he'd rather have blue nuts than be boo'd up...

you’re welcome.
Track Name: intramission
verse 1
dog, they acting like I’m fraternizing with Death Row and them 
backsliding in speedos and tims; but pea coats i’m in
adorned with flair pieces, that reflect the loves
and the belief systems, of a man who seeks wisdom
knowledge, understanding, freedom and truth
and some avenues to make green from his blues
assuming cash makes you more of who you tend to be
so chastity belt ordered for thorn embedded deep
man in flux numbing to what was once sacred
the choirboy who left his bible at the gas station 
now an unraveled, much madder, bum rapper 
that the forty plus baby mothers lust after
man i don’t know, sounded cold when i wrote it though
a little colon flow overdose jokey joke
never mind me, just setting my mind free
head stuck in the sky just speak what I see

streams of thought brought to you by the
author himself, think bulimics over porcelain knelt
every portion is felt, it's more than just words conjoined
to form verse, to whom it concerns, this is the purge...

verse 2
in too deep with sheets of loose leaf on my Jhoo Rhee
nobody bothers me, reloading the armory
voluntary solitary nodding very spastic
plotting every bar to bury thought of any slap stick
no distractions in the crib, feel like a new born
detached fully from society’s food cord
i ain’t the best friend, no defense for pretending
that my ringer’s dead, other than strengthening zen 
doing chores, sharpening sword, prepping my threads
notepad on my ironing board, pressing the pen
into papyrus, rapping to static hiss 
trying to capture bills bigger than platypus’
'til then tying belt tighter than three corsets
pooling my resources, to record these portraits 
and ain't applying powder to pores and pimples off screen
no glamour shots Sears studio soft gleam just


verse 3
i was backed up, in a funk, pushing from the gut
wouldn't budge only able to muster up
more of the emo adventures of
flows sounding right at home over Tender Love
lounging lazily, watching the tube feeling ashamed to be
'cause dude from Everest kept on berating me
sick of that environment, gave my behind a kick
got up out the hellafied rut i was hiding in
listen, i didn’t wanna be Bell, i'm a better Devoe
but i gotta be the lead if i'm ever to blow 
just a, regular Joe, but i'm mega with flows
and can build with the affluent and the beggars and hoes
and that’s authentic discourse, it’s what i live for
it’s why the spit force listener to stick fork
right into the meat and feast on, well done
yet i still bleed on each song with these raw

Track Name: showtime
verse 1
wanted to speak some medicine, and reach the
desolate, the motive wasn't need for reverence 
was seeking the meek's inheritance, but having to eat's 
imperative, and peeps was telling him, rap is not
all about the artistry you gotta be dipped kid
how you gon' be rocking looking poverty stricken
with no charms glistening, hip hop and modesty 
mix like a Farrakhan and chit'lins, so now he's like
everyday’s Labor Day dreaming 'bout staying paid
trying to get them chains out of layaway
damn what a neighbor say, on a paper chase in a major way 
like a groundskeeper in a hurricane, 'cause all that's
icy about him is his face due to hunger pains 
stomach aches turn a teddy to a rugged ape
Kong like, but no becky in the fist
just sweat thinking how to get some dead presidents 'cause

this aint cutting it, son I got butter spit
but nothing to show but pocketful of nothingness
and being broke is for the birds that’s my word
i’m trying to earn ‘til there’s money to burn
so it’s showtime, showtime
getting that paper like Stones time
brother had enough of the slow grind,
so now it’s showtime, it's showtime

verse 2
50 taught me how to stunt, got me practicing handstands
like damn barely being a big deal on bandcamp
boy I’m a flip flop, spinning doing splits
loud glowing outfits, 2 sold out 2 quit
crossover ain’t nothin’ but a double cross
but it let a brother floss in some leather butter soft
my album cover art, a white family frolicking
performing wherever if wherever’s where the dollars is
and never having to evade flying bottles
move crowds while scanning for some Lane Bryant models
to rap to, with that smooth JT Matthews,
Come Back to Me, collapsing in their seats
their date’s full of hate as I serenade
in a tear away tailored suit, where the pants parachute
it’s lonely at the top and you drop in a Flash
but there’s no better net than a cot full of cash, listen


why don’t you stay a while, see how it’s done
be too breathtaking to critique how it was but
there’ll be a love offering so join in and bring
dividends but no singles or coins jingling
we play the back like a forearm check
until they tell me, five minutes kid you’re on next
step to on deck circle and we turn all heads, observe
our fresh preparing to perform our set

verse 3
all we need is a stage god, no opening safeguards
house is ours no matter the name on the place cards
encore chants at farewell, shorties straight 
feeling on the abs and hair gel, yeah well
the name is Brown, that what they call me
King of Stage reigning with scepter in the palm squeezed
indulgent t-m-i culprit
be in my pulpit, speaking my bull…
manure deep in seek of fertile soil reap
say why come pastor gotta live like royalty? 
don’t ask, just give the money
pass plate around place something in it for me ‘cause yo

Track Name: accustomed
yes, feeling myself no lubricant
can't nobody do it how i do it kid, so just

get accustomed, stuntin’ like a trust fund youngin’
turned twenty-one, styling on everyone
cake stacked high like it’s wedding day
married to the game and i’m getting paid
getting paid, getting paid
married to the game and i'm getting paid
getting paid, getting paid
married to the...

verse 1
check it, i came for the crown, knew i'd wear it in no time
'cause game's full of clowns y'all embarrassed to cosign
 lame dudes styled like Clarence The So Fine
who claim heir apparent 'cause y'all parrot their bold lies
i could parent all of 'em impairing their whole grind 
but sonning 'em would mean they'd inherit a gold mine
'cause since showtime i've been wearing the most live
regalia that’s so fly, at Jared's you won’t find    
twenty four karat thick cable ropes vibrant
purest thing golden you possess is your own silence
i cry for these hard luck innocent inner city 
kids listening awe struck, caught up in
glittery star image of pretty silly gimmicky frauds
that's tipping all willy nilly at the titty bars
without a net as their drowning in debt, while i modestly 
make it shower on accountant's mahogany desk    
horrible hoarder of the highest order
picture me tricking when i wouldn't give a dime a quarter
'cause i'm the prize, i reward her with my time and aura
no kinda sorta, to the parched i'm a pint of water
you brought your broad don't find it odd if your boo flirts
it's hard to subdue thirst, just honor the rules jerk
you wanna bust a move you oughta think it through first
'cause all that i'm a do is tell Snookie to do work        
'cause i'll be damned if i damage my new threads
when armor bearers solve any problems with brute strength
i'm up in here looking fly, spitting raps impressive
for the mass that stood in line to bask in my presence so


verse 2
been flexing real mean lately, Lee Haney
over beats crazy, got name hotter than deep Hades
the praise seems hasty, but when debating mc rank 
the streets place no one above me like Sweet Sadie 
it's never difficult to detect the real
from the reject live in the flesh
so my fees reflect, and with each check i'm getting
so big headed that i'm stretching out my v necks  
starring in plays with Keith Sweat, David E. Talbert
presents, i'm out for my respect 
stealing homie's lines egregious, Jesus!
the audience is like yo, he's nuts, but trust me
my labor generates grapes you've never tasted
escapes on palatial island estate spacious
so face it, words are wasted if you're laying a shame trip
that's heavy on that man you've changed tip 
homie i can't hear you over this outfit, plus
my money talking so loud it's preposterous
the flow have you feeling emotions mixed like
David Peaston, but can't knock the way a player eatin' so

Track Name: got it
verse 1
sky walk rap flow, rhyme on scaffolds
robes have wings these fly long tassels
Macho, Kingly, petals hand plucked
from red roses preceed me, revelers stand up
hats off to greet me, zest in their eyes
they'll treasure this moment for the rest of their lives yo
top of the planet yeah i made it ma, victory is
sweeter than Waymond and Bernard and they hatin' hard        
this is what I wanted and I got it, schemed
and I plotted, t's crossed and i's dotted
sitting on a bountiful harvest and yet
i'm still starving, what's going on kid

verse 2
bounce on keys just like Josh Baskin
got big overnight all y'all gassing
all star stats with mascot actions 
clowning with the flow, count stacks while i'm rapping
a toast to my moment supposed to be gloating
but homesick, seeking the Zoltar machine closest 
at a crossroad intersection, introspective
reassessing my direction
went, from totally meek to totally chic
a phony mystique, erroneously
making amends for the days i was praying instead
of paying my debts on stage and making this bread,
i made a pledge like... wont be no buildings titled after me 
but before I’m maggot feed, tragically or naturally, i guarantee 
this world will know I occupied it, 'cause i'm a get
mines kid, shining while i'm palming my privates right 


verse 3
i ain't a people person, yet people seemed to like me
hand i offer kindly and they grab and squeeze it tightly
trying to make me their emotional dumpster
baggage handlers only seeking temporal comfort
common thieves who commonly preyed on generosity
with no apology or shame for their atrocities
finally Atlas' shoulders relaxed, i took the
globe off the back like it's over for that
wouldn't have guessed i'd be making this bed
never was rich, famous obsessed
thought i'd be cool with some pocket change to spend, a slight 
upgrade of my threads, plus some sincere praise and respect
and yes, i likes the ladies and the ladies likes me
but ain't really trying to be Sweet Reggie in these streets    
already bored of it, this money for nothing
lifestyle leaves me more hungry for something

Track Name: slip away*
now wouldn't it be a good idea
to up and slip away from here
it doesn't matter what we do
'cause i wanna be around with you

word, i always heard that when we ain't searching
is when we crash into our match made perfect
see, i was catching Teedra at the Howard
hadn't even scoured the crowd, my look was soured
stay free steeze, opposite of say cheese
my vibe straight screaming stay away please
immersed in the concert 'til i felt my arm jerk
my thought first was to be on kirk but,
i figured from the feel of the grip it was a her
so i, chilled my nerves and turned to confirm
right, prepared for small converse
irritation changed into full on thirst, cause word
she had lovey dovey hair, lovey dovey eyes
her lovey dovey, dovey had me hypnotized
in no time, i was the awkward small teen
haplessly infatuated with the prom queen 
but all she had wanted was a pardon from me
to ease by 'cause my height made it harder to see
so, i slide and i tell her you can make your way by
on condition that after the show you say hi
smiled to disarm her, offered my palm then 
led her ahead, guess it worked like a charm 'cause
she nodded yes, blushed, prolonged the clutch
led to us dancing like the song was for us  
then each one after through the encore, so gone
i nearly asked her what the lights came on for 
‘til I was distracted by some Kem song blasting
no haps on laying my mack over that kid
but was close to midnight, and if she dipped i might 
never get the slipper to the foot that it fits right
would typically let this shorty step, but instead
i ignored my head, leaned in close and said

Track Name: exodus
verse 1
black, gifted, young; scratching for crumbs
can't get a hand, ain't asking for one 
strap kicks and run, tracking the blood
shed upon the path by the dragged, whipped and hung
prize eyeing with that north star guidance
defiantly decided get free or die trying
started to feeling sight decay from living life this way
so on a trek forty nights and days
spear in my right fist, shield in the left
won’t kneel or subject, all real to the death
getting the devil’s hard heel off the neck
snatched wool from the eyes might’ve peeled off the flesh
now ain’t a high enough hurdle I won’t dare
vertical of Pegasus galloping on air
and goal is the podium, goal medal draped in
tall flame blazing, arm raised, brazen

it's freedom time for me and mine
never more bowing to the bull we deified
carving our piece of pie and peace of mind
starving the beasts inside that need to die
it's freedom time for me and mine
never more bowing to the bull we deified
exodus from the ties that cleave and bind
what's old we let it go and leave behind (march)

verse 2
freedom the aim, peace the aspiration
seeking to reclaim what Eve’s infatuation
and Adam’s lack of resolve cost us,
ground tree of good and evil knowledge to sawdust
‘cause man's thought process is this more less
more fame, more sex, rope chains, corvettes
more smoke, more drink, new rings
every dude wanna rule, one throne few kings
and these sisters hail Mary like the Flutie throw
love is all they need praying their coochies don’t
fail them, nevermind dude and the hope he sold
plus his dookie rope both faux goofy gold
blind dive through burning hoops, wont turn it loose
offered a path but lack certitude
so too terrified to try, petrified to fail
resigned to confinement and dying in jail, but c'mon


verse 3
marching in a cadence that matches the
pattern of the drum we become one in unison
hell we escape from with no reservations
trekking for the next generation, 'cause
we can make it better, the seeds of Medgar Evers
the key is follow letters and speeches with endeavors
gotta see it through, meaning we need to move
'can't reach for the jewel sound asleep in our drool
i'm undeterred no deferring the dream, 
enduring with ease, a calm that certainty breeds
know what we're s'posed to have and there's no going back
so we go upon the path, nearly close enough to catch a
subtle glimpse, held hope through all the suffering
rolled with the pummeling, rose from the stumbling
doubt, fear flung to the wind, we’re gonna win
we’re gonna win, we’re gonna win

Track Name: serious
verse 1
without expressed written or verbal consent
an innocent lamb projected into a murderous den
on two twenty-one seventy-nine, a needle
you don’t readily find in haystack enemy mines
where hearts be, hard as cheese government distributed
suffering conditions stays toughening the skin I’m in
weather proof melanin, blood of indigenous
original craftsman was fashioned with His imaging
barefooted with a staff no entourage
every side’s under siege so the armor’s on
fiery eyed crown of wool chest out and full
Samson-esque arm strength, could pull down a bull
be curling forties like a wino, admiring the burn
like a pyro, while reciting my flows
up early AM, wondering where the time goes
laboring all day on body, mind, soul ‘cause

this is serious, business, period (repeat)

verse 2
stepping aggressively into my destiny 
seeking freedom and cheddar cheese without celebrity 
not type that’s yearning the pop life, that hot might
burn a man asunder sitting under the spotlight
with fame many lose touch or a sense of it
defense numbing, pretentiousness begets sucking 
which is disgusting to someone's who's stuck in
a must win position 'cause his stomach is sunk in
passion irrational, could never fathom 
taking bars off, like windows in a bad slum 
thus i’m that awkward kid often off the grid
exhausted, feeling like Adam having lost a rib
insanity p-90 excessive, free styling
‘til breathless, beat mining intensive
keep grinding relentless, need to die regretless
heed habits of highly effective successes ‘cause


verse 3
ain't had a low cut in a minute and some months
let the fro grow even though it's thinning in the front
beard unkempt won't connect, greater mess of
scattered pages, records undressed, at the rest
i've affectionately dubbed the foxhole, brewing
hot bowls of soul soup, pitchers of cold truth
and in the booth let it go, a proper professional
enter while the beat knocks, call it the processional
there ain’t nothing like hip hop music
can turn nothing to something out of shrewd wit
it ain't the tool it's what you choose to do with 
so i use it to induce movement 
street teamer for peace, a dreamer that isn’t asleep
performing for miracles ‘cause he believes in the beat
and for it he'll take it to the stage, screen, tv
door to door, on the corner for free, accordingly 'cause

Track Name: live free
verse 1
alright, new wave living in, swimming in, ladies
and gentlemen, you've been privileged to get
an invitation, to exaltation, 
a destination free of segregation
no prejudice, hatred; over race, sex, class or
orientation, a glorious nation populated by
a misfit renegade band of resistance
lift fists, elevate, stand for enlistment
forward march torridly charged, the phoenix 
aflame free of the cage, door is ajar and we
don’t purport to be God but all authority’s ours
love bizarrely, that’s what we assuredly are  
so we spread it over loops like a condiment
everybody's welcome to come be a part of it
promptly drop the carry-ons, unburden your arms
tarry on no longer, name of the song is      

live free! (repeat)

verse 2
put us in the mix and get bedlam
folks begging for another fix of what we fed them
heavy heaven slices, difficult to digest
treasure worth the troubles of the flesh but I digress
my set got the medicine for your systems
i mean sound and immune feel ‘em lifting
see there's no ground under you, be a witness
go ahead round up your crew tell 'em listen
dig in have a heaping of; it's more than just sweetened fluff
creme and crust, be in the number so to see and touch
the joy and freedom that we're speaking of
no war studying or worrying do we discuss
'cause we appreciate breath every second that we have it
death around the bend ain't no telling when it happens
so we're here to get it cracking, my people in the back
and in the front and in between, no fronting when we scream


verse 3
you and i unified through divine ties 
utilize fluid rhyme to remind why 
jewels applied to the fly music i find
and through it try to arise you from sideline 
too shy or full of pride, loosen thy mind
chew or pry through the binds you are tied by
then choose to rise, glue your eyes to the skies and
admire the beautiful shine, then move your behind 
'cause party's not over, youngins to the thirty 
and older card holders, get involved show love
go nuts etiquette, revelry and merriment
walls and defenses fall like confetti strips
a no petty clique separatist premises
everybody sweating in the pit, shedding heaviness
from the penniless to plenty rich, there's no
impediment to membership so enter in and


ain't about clothes and it ain't about cash
ain't about race and it ain't about class
no longer enslaved by the ways of the past
all restraints off we're free at last
all restraints off we're free at last
all restraints off we're free at last (repeat)
Track Name: wrap it up
streams of thought brought to you by the author
himself, think bulimics over porcelain knelt 
every portion is felt, it's more than just words conjoined
to form verse, to whom it concerns this is the purge   
so follow me and pardon need for honesty
Ralph Tresvant about my artistry so part of me
is reluctant to bust this none of your business
yet i insist, this is the burden and the gift
of the rapper autobiographical, whose songs 
will live long after his last gasp of oxygen,
documented my truths and consequences
saga of bartering my soul for prominence
'til seeing big picture three dimensional iMax
Chose to bypass the inevitable climax 
thus i'm back beginning from scratch a cyclical
path spitting akin to how I did in my past
catch me rollin', staring at the world through my three eyes
tagging #teamgrind on the green line dreaming up
rhyme schemes with crazy flair, could stack my ducats
from a lazy chair ghostwriting for puppets with baby hair
instead i'm carving my own tunnel with plastic ware
fully aware nobody has to care
like if a cd drops and nobody around cops it
does it contain sound? I ponder this topic while I
hustle like Balboa running through the soviet snow
scaling mountains and the loneliest roads
and not looking as well off, folks barking i fell off
their commentary’s more colorful than Clark Kellogg’s
trying to keep my head on, it's swiveling lately
wanting to be an honest man Christopher Tracy
but the stay free mind state struggle to secede from
still learning how to give and receive love
come to be driven by a purpose less submissive
so the verses speak of freedom not churches or religion
a missionary ready for death, heavy intent
can't afford any missteps, but guaranteed my share
of scaring landings, air 'em in my various ramblings
when i'm talking to my audience sorta like Gary Shandling   
live in studio, a complicated movie role
amalgamation of the Cable Guy and Truman Show
raised by entertainment, born and bred to be
broadcasted, our populous has been catfished
seduced by scripted reality television, through
viewing repetitious unable to tell the difference
smart phone celebrities, personal paparazzi
post pretentious photos and philosophies that’s not deep
rebels with no real cause to pick up arms for
killing in mass, innocent clapped, get no encores
excuse the diatribe, side effect of attention deficiency
that’s my cue to end this expeditiously so
i'll roll the credits with no pretty bow packaging
smacking the wrap it up box button on my babbling
cliffhanger conclusions, will he chose
advancing the movement or grandeur delusions
underachieve or be a leader and teacher
righteous, meager, you’ll have to hear it to believe it so
just lend an ear, I’ll offer my heart for it
every part pour if you can afford storage
spill on the track as if, I gotta rap to live
which is accurate, so I splash it with
streams of thought brought to you by the author
himself, think bulimics over porcelain knelt,
every portion is felt, it’s more than just words conjoined
to form verse, to whom it concerns this was the purge...